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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why is sister Jameelah leaving? How come such a great Muslim could not make Duaa to get rid of me?

Wallah people you do not want to know what she calls Duaa!
she couldnt handle questions it seems.

@sarah: i attacked you as well, but ur shyt. it seems like i dont have a preference :)

you tell me not to fight and what do you do?


you and that elda shoud leave her alone :P

elda,you are so sad you only attack the good people like her

lol,what a hypocrite...people who think like you should be arrested.
What is wrong with you

Why are you leaving Jameelah? please I need your ISLAMIC advices?

me too :(

but inshallah we can always call her hotline right?
u guys need 2 get out a bit more often. :)
You seriously, are some, sad, sad ,sad people.
What happened

if you

How can I contact the office of sister Jameelah to ask her for Islamic advice about who to be perfect online?

tayeb okay I dont really care and no one else does besides you and elda.
Why don

Virgin Mariam how can you shamelessly post in this section knowing that I know the truth about you?

or you are just very sure that I am a good Muslim and I want tell the rest of Muslims about your real face?

Wallah I am proud of myself
We all know you

Should I explain to you why I do not like Jameelah? and what she does in real life?

go ahead Im listening..
what do u do and ur posse do in real life huh?

the three of you are jokes. lol
whatever happen is not our buisness. do not reveal other peoples sins to others. and do you really even know her in reaal life?all i know is she is a nice person and good muslim.

stop wasting your time and ours.
all i know is, she loves to ask questions about herself.
I don

Why are people asking me about my sexuality because I have a rainbow bracelet?

Why are people asking me about my sexuality because I have a rainbow bracelet? I honestly do not understand. I am straight, what is the significance?

When it comes to the opposite sex, which race do you attract the most?

I tend to attract Indian, Arab and Latino men.
alot of latinos,i have yet to attract an asian i would love that lol
For some reason I tend to attract a lot of Aliens
caucasian preppy women with blond hair... yummy!
White girls with their porcelain smooth skin, silky hair and fine features.

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